About Us

We install in – house informational television systems in small – town venues, such as YMCAs, rec centers, and libraries.  These venues use the TV systems as a promotional tool to advertise their events and activities to their patrons.  We design the program to benefit the venue and local businesses alike.  Many businesses choose to purchase ad space on the system to market to the venue’s patrons.Our goal is to increase participation for the venue, and to increase customer traffic for businesses.

 The program is a series of TV billboards: 10 – second spaces for the facility events, and 15 – second spaces for ads.  Every billboard is designed entirely by our own graphics team.  But the content of your ad is ultimately up to you.  It can range from a more general ad with info and images taken from your business card, to more complex content including animation, video motion, and step – outs.  A step – out ad is a 15 – second space divided into smaller segments, such as three 5 – second spaces.
We do this to show more info in a more specific manner.

Anyone who visits any of our facilities on even a semi – regular basis will see the entire program because: 
Our program is short – It is only 15 minutes long, at maximum. 
Our program repeats – Four times per hour, all hours of operation.
Our program runs on multiple monitors – These are located in high – traffic areas in the facility.