How To Get Started

Once you have met with one of our sales representatives or worked with one of our helpful sales assistants over the phone to take care of your paperwork. It’s time to get started on your ad. We have a professional graphic design team that handle all our programming and ad design. This service is free and included in your yearly rate. Please email your graphic designer your business logo, any pictures, business contact information and/or services you would like featured on your ad copy.
This helps the designers get started and have a better idea of what direction you would like to take with your advertisement.

The acceptable file formats and specifications for graphics or pre-made ads that you may already have to submit are located on the bottom right side of the contract copy you received.  You will be assigned a graphic designer that handles your local facility. You will be provided with their email address. This information is located on the bottom right hand side of your contract copy.

Screen size: 1280 x 720 Pixels (16:9 TV)
We accept the following formats, in order of preference:

PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
JPG (maximum quality)
PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
TIF (compressed)
EPS (Illustrator or Photoshop)
AVI (motion)
MPEG 2 (motion)
MPEG 4 (motion)

If the file is UNDER 20 meg, email it to your designer.
If the file is OVER 20 meg, please use

If you have any questions or need assistance,
feel free to email or call us at 888-208-6027