Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy...

Our company taps into the potential of the out – of – home market, that is, marketing to an audience outside of their home environment.  We have found that people are going to progressively greater lengths to avoid ads.  People are reading less, which decreases the power of newspaper and other written media.  A steadily growing number of people are utilizing online services such as Netflix so that they can see what they want without having to view commercials on cable television.  Even the power of radio is diminishing as a marketing outlet.  This is a problem faced by all organizations, nonprofit and for – profit alike.  

            Our solution, therefore, is to put people into an ad experience that they can’t simply opt out of.  Our approach is both simple and captivating, which is why we believe organizations should work with us.

Rules of a Trustworthy Company

 1. Never lie to a customer about anything.
2. Do what you say you are going to do.
 3. Give credit where it’s due.
 4. Do not criticize your competitors or co-workers.
 5. Be honest about your limitations.

6. Give realistic timetables.

Customers want to do business with individuals and companies they can trust.
Trust is earned. It cannot be built with one transaction,but it most certainly can be shattered in one transaction.